Ashes Of Creation Sets Alpha Test Date

ashes of creation alpha test

Ashes Of Creation, the upcoming MMORPG from Intrepid Studios, has just set a date to begin Alpha Testing.

Announced as part of a Creative Director’s Letter posted to the Ashes of Creation website, the news is the first hint that the Ashes of Creation might soon see a full release in the not too distant future. Drafted by Steven Sharif, the new update has a fully fleshed out roadmap for upcoming alpha events with the very first round set to kick off on 18 December, followed by a second chance to experience Ashes of Creation in February 2021. The inaugural two alpha previews are due to run under a full NDA so sharing and streaming are completely off the cards. These will also only be available to supporters who hold Braver and Intrepid backer packs.

NDA Lifted

Another two preview is due to land after this without any NDA in place. On 19 March, all alpha testers and officially recognized content creators will be able to drop in, stream, and share Ashes of Creation with the rest of the world. Finally, the first alpha kicks off for real on 6 April. This month-long event does not appear to have any streaming guidelines in place, but I’m sure they will arrive nearer the time.

More Shiny Stuff

The new update from Steven Sharif also covers a range of other morsels from the ongoing development of Intrepid’s MMO. This includes the ongoing expansion of the studio and works to upgrade the game to a newer version fo the Unreal engine. You can check out more about all these things and plan your assault on alpha by heading over to the Ashes of Creation Website now.

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