Ashes of the Singularity adds new maps, modding support, and replays

Major updates hit the RTS
Ashes of the Singularity

The Ashes of the Singularity team at Stardock recently updated their flagship RTS. Not only are replays and modding support now patched in, but three brand new maps have been added as well. Check out the big new additions below, and at the game’s official site.

Ashes of Singularity New Features

  • Replays– Watch a replay of your game, or go into the leaderboards and watch games from the top players.
  • Modding Support– We have added the ability to mod game files, add maps and scenarios and enable and disable mods for your game. For all the details checkout the Modders Guide.
  • New Maps– 3 new large maps added to support lots of players.
    • Manannan- A 12 player Terran map which is great for free for all games.
    • Brighid- An 8 player Arctic map that is ideal for 4 teams of 2 players each.
    • Aenghus- A 10 player Desert map that is great for free for all games.
  • Issue Orders to Multiple Factories- Selecting multiple factories will allow you to give the same order to all of them. If you select 3 factories and queue up a Brute all three will begin producing a Brute. If you hold the Ctrl key it will issue those requests out one at a time (ie: queuing a Brute will have the first factory begin queuing a Brute).
  • Period key now selects an idle engineer (just like the F1 key does).
  • Radioactive and Metal desposits without mines now show as grey in strategic view to make it easier to see which one’s haven’t been upgraded yet.
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  1. I might have to come back and give it another go, was alright for a few games but it got really repetitive very fast with so few units to choose from.

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