Autonauts Coming to PC This October

Autonauts, the new colony management sim from Curve Digital and Denki Studios, has recently announced that it is coming exclusively to PC on 17 October, and it is bringing a twist I didn’t expect.

Rise Of The AI

Hot off the announcement that Fortnite is about to get AI helper in live matches, it looks like plenty of other games are on the same track. Announced earlier this year, Autonauts isn’t quite the normal mine and craft style simulator. Alongside the traditional strategy and resource management, players will need to raise and program a range of AI worker bots to help keep the new colony afloat.

While Autonauts is crammed full of cute characters, friendly animals, and an inviting premise setting foot on a new world isn’t easy. Each procedurally generated world has its own hazards and you won’t get past them all alone. Starting out by harvesting stick and stone as the foundation of your colonization efforts is no different than you might expect. With no other people around to help the colony will rely on your AI companions to compete with the harsh reality of survival.

Thankfully, the AI coding isn’t too intimidating. Coding AI is simply a case of players showing their worker bots what they’d like them to do step-by-step. That could create bots for cooking, farming, mining, construction, or doing a silly dace just because. Taking a twist on the survival genre, Autonauts seems to meld together a range of ideas including, agriculture, simulation, crafting, and production-line concepts and even manages to add end game goals.

An unusual addition, Autonaut’s campaign mode seems like just another unexpected take on a traditionally open-ended set of genres that make me want to build my own robot army. If you’re ready to make some metal then Autonauts is soon. You can keep an eye on the game over on the official Steam Store page now.


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