Blade & Soul Unreal 4 Upgrade Is Live Now

Blade & Soul, the martial arts MMORPG from NCSoft has finally launched its Unreal 4 upgrade for players across the globe.

Long term fans of NCSoft’s martial arts MMORPG as well as those of us that have lapsed a little, are about to get a treat for the eyes today when they log into Blade & Soul. The fully-fledged desktop version of this MMO, rather than the mobile Blade & Soul Revolution, might have launched back in 2016 but after years of fistfights and swordplay, the long-running multiplayer online RPG has an upgrade that should improve graphics, network optimization, performance, and more.


First teased earlier this year, the upgrade to Unreal 4 isn’t just live, it brings a bunch of other updates and activities with it. Players logging back in will find the Call To Arms awaits. New and returning players will be able to redeem two Call to Arms bundles to help them get geared and ready to raid in a flash. These packs include weapons, accessories, augmentations, gems, and crystals to help catch players up to Blade & Soul content. They also include a Call to Arms Token, which can be redeemed for an Armory Chest. The themed chest unlocks 12 sages, in which we expect to find plenty of epic loot.

After a little levelling, time, the Soul Arena Event kicks off on 6 October. This solo dungeon pits players against a past enemy and tracks time to completion. Beating the clock might bring potential rewards for the quickest warrior that include Fearless Tokens, Conquest Tokens, to Transformation Stones

If competition isn’t your thing then a Login Event will activate between 22 September and 6 October rewarding adventurers with Guiding Stars that can be exchanged for useful in-game items.

New Class

The new Unreal 4 upgrade might be more than just a catch up for returning students o the Hongmoon School. Instead, veterans will likely be re-rolling the newest class to join the Blade & Soul roster. The deadly Dual Blade is the 14th class to join the game and is available for Jin or Yun races. Dual Blades are masers of the twin swords, specializing in the Way of the Shifting Blades and the Way of the Lotus. Each of these adds a distinct play style. While the Way of the Shifting Blades excels with a high skill stance based rotation, the Way of the Lotus leans more towards building attacks using buffs, enhancements, and deadly combos.

For full details of the update and the new class check out more in the video above and play Blade & Soul for free via the official website now.

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