Border Bots VR Is Coming for All Your headsets in 2024

Border Bots VR checking a robots modifications on a tablet

Team17 just announced that Border Bots VR is getting a delayed release on 8 February 2024

Team17’s upcoming Border Bots VR is being delays until 2024. Initially announced as a September 2023 release, the lighthearted VR experience won’t open the gates for a very good reason. A brightly colored robot world was set to plug into PlayStation®VR2 and SteamVR platforms first. Now you can start your adventure through SteamVR headsets, PlayStation VR2, and Meta Quest 2 headsets. The news means that the full release of our robot overlords aligns with the earlier expectations of the Meta Quest platform’s expected launch date. It also means everybody gets to experience the same content simultaneously.

Anybody who wasn’t prepared for the future now has plenty of time to train ahead of their new job as a meatbag border guard in a world run by robots. Plunging players into a fully immersive future, Border Bots VR seems to be a little bit Papers Please and a little sprinkling of The Last Worker with a humorous twist. As a human border guard, you’ll attempt to climb up the corporate ladder, detect unauthorised items and turn away anyone without the correct paperwork. Utilise a variety of quirky gadgets, including a 3D printer, barcode scanner and contraband detector, to interact with a host of friendly assistant AI and mechanical denizens.
Check out the gameplay trailer in the initial announcement news, and reset your calendars. Find out more about Border Bots VR on the Steam Store page now.

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