Build An Empire As Mythic Legends Makes It Onto Mobile

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Mythic Legends, a new mix of RPG and auto chess from Outfit7, is now available across Android and iOS platforms.

Ready to download and free to play, anybody looking for a bright new competitor in the RPG arena can find Mythic Legends available to play via all major iOS and Android storefronts now. After kicking off pre-registrations some time ago, the newest mobile game form the Talking Tom publisher and Hyperdot Studios  challenges players to pick up their small screen and build a team of champions to take on an exciting RPG journey into the unknown. Along the way you’ll battle a variety of opponents, take won challenging encounters, participate in Ranked Mode, take on the Gauntlet Tournament, and overcome royale Adventure and Dungeon events!

None of this is likely feasible without a powerful team of warriors at your back and anybody trying out this title will find a range of towering fantasy warriors, all wielding their own particular abilities. To clash with fearsome formations, dragons, and matched opponents requires careful selection from a roster of available talent, and careful placement on a grid based battlefield before automated combat kicks off. By mixing magical abilities, melee, and ranged options it is possible to come out on top.

While this might initially sound like any other mobile gacha money sink, Mythic Legends is an interesting mix on RPG, auto chess, and turn based strategy. With plenty of planning, an interactive e tale, and a very tight focus on short form gameplay, this is the sort of title that could prove easy to squeeze in on the commute but difficult to master when you reach the top tiers of competitive play.

Mythic Legends is already available now on iOS and Android storefronts. Find ou more about this explosive battlefield over on the official website now.

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