Cake Bash Is Launching a Sweet ‘em Up On October 15

Cake Bash, the upcoming multiplayer party game from indie developer High Tea Frog and publisher Coatsink just got a release date. This fancie fight is coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4, Steam, and Stadia on 15 October.

Alongside the currant generation launch, the release of Cake Bash will be compatible with the upcoming Playstation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Gamers who want to grab some take out with Cake Bash on the Nintendo Switch will have to wait until later this year before they can go muffin first into combat.

Baked Well For Release

If you didn’t sample the menu during the Steam Games Festival, Cake Bash serves up combat and asks players to fight it out to be the best cake. Players picking up Cake Bash on 15 October will have an opportunity to beat the crumbs out of each other across a range of areas, all with the final goal of making yourself as irresistible as possible. Whether you sugar coat a derpy doughnut or decorate a fondant fancie, this high sugar twist on the arena brawlers of old is as sweet as it is charming.

When you’re finished flinging pie and smashing sweeties, there are plenty of other mini-games and challenges for players to try out in Cake Bash. You’ll be able to roast perfect marshmallows, pipe the finest frosting, or be the last flan standing in Fork Knife, and when you’re the last fondant left you can make your cake look fabulous using a range of delicious toppings too.

Gamers ready to pick up Cake Bash and take on this multiplayer sweet em up will be able to find plenty of action with local co-op, online multiplayer, and plenty of bots available to try out for $19.99 in all the usual storefronts. To find out more about Cake Bash, check out the official website and have a look at the piping hot trailer.

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