Cardnarok: Raid With Gods Deals Into Early Access

Cardnarok: Raid With Gods is set to deal gamers a new hand as this card battling title launches into PC Early Acces today.

Available right now over on Steam, the new ard battler from Greedy Wolf Studio is ready to take gamers on an adventure with the gods of old. Set in a mythical world full of titans and legends, Cardnarok challenges players to pick mythological beings, devise the perfect deck, and conquer an unforeseen evil in this Slay the Spire-like adventure.

Designed by an ex Blizzard-ian, this new deck builder definitely pulls inspiration from across the genre. A roguelite challenge awaits players where they must pick three heroes to head out into battle with, overcoming a constantly changing set of variable and reacting to the next encounter. This team of three can swap position mid battle, changing the overall effect of the ‘Divine cards’ available at any moment. With a combination of powerful beings from Greek and Egyptian fables, as well as dynamically shifting cards, players might find themselves throwing thunderbolts one moment and healing on the next turn.

This is certainly a new take on the card game market, with a little bit of recent release Monster Train in for good measure it seems.

Greedy Wolf Founder Frank Chang said, “In an era where card games are so saturated in the market, we hope to develop original gameplay that utilizes a brand new and robust combat system capable of creating expandable combinations and high replayability.

This is Early Access and Greedy Wolf are already looking to expand the number of playable heroes on offer into Chinese, Norse, Hindu, and Japanese mythological giants. If you’ve already slain the spire and crashed the Monster Train you might want to take a look at Cardnarok: Raid With Gods on the official Steam Store page now.


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