Celebrate the First Anniversary of Embers Adrift with a New Free Play Event

Celebrate the First Anniversary of Embers Adrift with a New Free Play Event

Stormhaven Studios is celebrating the first anniversary of Embers Adrift with a free play event lasting from now through November 5th. Players can download and play the MMORPG for the coming weeks and purchase a copy for $19.99 if they wish to continue their adventures. All players, free or otherwise, will be treated to subscriber bonuses and have access to all available content throughout the event.

“In the last year, we’ve been blown away by the consistent support we’ve had from players,” said John Gust, Executive Producer at Stormhaven Studios. “We listen to every bit of feedback we receive and have implemented updates every month since launch to improve player experiences. This event celebrates that dedication from our fans as we mark a full year of live service – with no cash shop or pay-to-win mechanics.” 

To celebrate the MMO’s first anniversary, a new trailer has been released that gives viewers a bird’s eye view of what it’s all about.

New features

  • Prove Your Strength: New Quests have been added to the game and experience needed to progress between levels 25 and 50 has been reduced.
  • Track Your Kills: A hunting log has been added to help players customize their characters and track progression.
  • Master the Blade: Enjoy improvements to combat speed and responsiveness with shorter execution times.
  • Balanced Battles: Balances have been adjusted on mobs and bosses for solo and duo adventuring.
  • Carry More, Craft More: Collect new Patterns and Dyes for Crafting – perfect to fill out your increased bag space.

Upcoming features

  • Get Back In The Action: Ember has become more powerful, allowing players to rejoin their parties faster by teleporting from Monoliths to Ember Rings making it easier to get to groups.
  • Experience The Adventure: Epic Quests are coming soon.
  • Highs and Lows: Check out the new Grizzled Peaks lvl 50+ zone and Forgotten Depth phase 3 high-level dungeon.
  • Dress Without Stress: Armor weights will be adjusted so players can begin wearing more armor earlier.

Check out the Embers Adrift free play event details by visiting its official site.

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