Conqueror’s Blade to feature limited-time “Season” events and Booming Games have announced that a new limited-time event is coming to Conqueror’s Blade. Seasons will “introduce a whole new dimension” to the tactical MMO. Developers are promising to “deliver a heaping helping of medieval madness”.

The first season is called “Seize the Crown” and will come as part of the new Battle Pass system. During their adventures, players will be able to score a number of rewards and legendary items that are exclusive to this inaugural season. This includes “kingly cosmetics and other royal content,” though it is unclear what that means.

Ahead of Season One, developers will launch a pre-season that includes a number of additional features, improvements, and overall gameplay fixes.

Pre-season includes:

  • 5 new weapon options that make all weapons available to both male and female characters
  • a reworked UI to make navigating menus and gameplay interfaces more intuitive
  • additional cinematics are being added
  • graphical enhancements throughout the game world
  • other features and improvements that will be detailed as the update launch nears

Learn more on the Conqueror’s Blade official site.

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