Corruption 2029 Is a New Tactical Title Attacking PC This Month 

Bearded Ladies, the developers behind Mutant Year Zero have announced Corruption 2029, a new breed of dystopian chaos coming to PC on 17 February.

America isn’t quite what it used to be. In the not too distant future Corruption 2029 is due to arrive on the Epic Games Store and things are about o take a turn for the worse. Instead of biologics enhanced flat feet, the latest strategy title from Bearded Ladies features heavily augmented soldiers and a dystopian future where America is overrun by a mysterious corruption. This brand new IP has just been announced alongside a first look trailer, giving PC gamers a chance to glimpse the stealthy gameplay mechanics behind the game.

As players take their squad of enhanced soldiers into a wasteland of North America, Corruption 2029 presents a core gameplay loop that focuses on cover-based combat and stealth. Players have a diverse range of different tactics and weapons available to change the course of play, although violence will not always be necessary. Enhanced by a range of skills, the game’s central team of soldiers can take a range of approaches to exploring the new environments in front of them and might even provide an easier time when demolishing the country’s tyrannical rule.

Beyond the basic premise and the trailer, we’ve not been given a whole lot more detail on the imminent release of this strategy title. What we do know is that Mutant Year Zero was well received by critics when it released and developers Bearded Ladies clearly haven’t quite had their fill of strategic combat titles quite yet. If you loved the aforementioned title or wanted something a little more thoughtful than Dues Ex, then you can find out more about the title over on the Epic Store page where it will set you back a reasonable $19.95.


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