Crowfall Beta is Coming August 11

Crowfall Beta is Coming August 11

ArtCraft Creative Director, J. Todd Coleman announced that MMORPG Crowfall will be opening beta test on August 11. On that date, the first wave of invites will be sent out, inviting players who had registered on the official site a chance to try out the game and provide feedback to its developers. All backers have immediate access to play the game now, and the number of invites will be ramping up as the beta test increases in scale and scope.

“This is a huge milestone for Crowfall, and for ArtCraft,” explained Coleman. “We started this project with a bold, unique vision. We wanted to steer away from the theme-park design that has become ubiquitous to online games, and create a universe where the players are in control. An endless collection of unique worlds where player choices have impact. Your actions will determine the history of this universe. Your decisions will dictate its future.”

For those chosen by the gods, death is not the end. Begin your journey as an immortal Crow, battling with and against thousands of others in the struggle to win the massive Throne War.

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