Dead Island 2 Launch Trailer Welcomes You to Hell-A

Dead Island 2 Trailer Welcomes You to Hell-A

We’re mere days away from the launch of Dead Island 2. Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver are ready to welcome everyone to Hell-A thanks to the release of a brand new trailer that sets the stage for gore-filled shooter fun. DI2 will launch on Friday, April 21st for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Epic Games Store.

Developers describe the video, “This fresh slice of kickass action only has to hold you over for a few more days until DI2’s main course of zombie-cleaving mayhem is ready to sink your teeth into.”

The game puts players in the bloody shoes of one of six “bombastic survivors.” These include Amy, Bruno, Dani, Ryan, Carla, and Jacob. Each one finds that they are immune to the zombie virus, and now humanity’s future is in their hands. As players travel the landscape, they’ll have to fight through hordes of zombies and collect a few friends along the way. The goal is to escape “Hell-A” before the rest of the world is infected by the zombie plague.

Standing in your way are the undead hordes of Angelinos, as varied as they once were in life. Slaughter reanimated muscle-beach hunks, fashionable celebrities, and beach bums alike in gruesome style with a variety of weapons. Whether you’re slashing them up with knives, chopping them with an electrified axe, or turning them into Swiss cheese with an assault rifle, Dead Island 2’s blood-drenched action is a gory spectacle to behold.

Players will have access to different environmental effects to experiment with alongside their own odd abilities. There are multiple ways to take out zombies, whether crushing them under a falling wall, shooting them in half, or blowing them up into tiny chunks. Leave a trail of gore behind, and it’s been a successful hunt.

Check out the trailer and the Dead Island 2 official site for more information.

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