Digitize The Deck And Win A Haxity Beta Key


Haxity, the brand new roguelite deck builder, launches a beta test on Friday 15 may and we’ve got a bunch of codes ready for a giveaway.

Indie developer Megapop is about to load up a closed beta test for its upcoming cyberpunk deck builder and you have the chance to slot, hack, and execute your rivals with a beta code. We’ve installed a limited number of codes for PC players and they will be available on a first come first serve basis. All you have to do is to enter your email address in the giveaway widget below and wait for access to this stylish new adventure.

Anybody getting ready to join us in this cool looking new battle can expect something that is far from a traditional deck builder. Promising fans fast action and zero grinding, Slay the Spire meets Street Fighter in this roguelite action card battler with a twist, in which all players have access to the same cards. Featuring a campaign mode and intense PvP, players can go head to head in front of an ever-changing cyberpunk cityscape. The distinctive visuals are accompanied by the synth beats you’d expect in any good cyberpunk experience, while you draft, punch and hack your way through the beta test. Get a glimpse of the upcoming action in the Haxity trailer before grabbing a key from our giveaway.

If you want to wait, or don’t get a key on our page then you can always just jump in now and wishlist this title on Steam. You won’t have long to wait, Haxity drops into Early Access on 26 May for PC. There’s an official Discord also open where the devs will be distributing prizes to the best hackers once the weekend beta test is done on 17 May. Find out more about Haxity on the official Steam Store page and win a beta key now.


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