Dragon Age 4 Shares Grey Warden Concept Art

Dragon Age 4 Shares Grey Warden Concept Art

While we usually don’t cover concept arts, there is currently nothing else in terms of news when it comes to Bioware’s upcoming RPG and the latest installment into the beloved Dragon Age series, dubbed The Dread Wolf Rises by the fans.

Christian Dailey, the executive producer at Bioware, has taken to his Twitter to share a concept art of a Grey Warden, hoping that it is “the right amount of pointy and gray”.

Grey Wardens have been integral to the setting. Not only is the protagonist of Origins, the first game in the series, a member of this ancient order, but the Wardens have affected the world of Thedas in the past and continue shaping its future.

In the Behind the Scenes video you can find below, we can hear the battle cry proclaiming “For the Wardens!”, additionally a few short stories set after the events of the Inquisition feature the Wardens:

  • The Horror of Hormak by John Epler
  • Hunger by Brianne Battye
  • The Next One by Brianne Battye
  • Not to mention The Last Flight novel by Liane Merciel

If a single piece of concept art is not enough to quench your thirst for Thedas, consider checking out our series of articles Dragon Age 4: What Do We Know and What We Can Guess, dedicated to locations, organizations, and characters of the upcoming game. Beware, there are spoilers for books, short stories, and comics.

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