Dragon Quest Heroes II PlayStation 4 and PC Preorders Begin

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 II

Preorders for Dragon Quest Heroes II have officially started. It is time to start counting your pennies as the PC and PlayStation price is $59.99. The price includes fifteen in-game bonus weapons so it’s not all bad.

Dragon Quest Heroes II Explorer’s Edition

The game takes place in a brand new world with new heroes and an all-new story. As an ARPG, battles are fast-paced and epic. Each fight leads the player further along a “grand adventure” to save the world.

Some other cool stuff:

  • only 4-player coop
  • turn into and fight as a monster
  • “numerous” playable characters, each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses
  • tons of magic and weapon abilities that can be changed on the fly

DQHII is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on April 25th. You can learn more about the pre-order on the official site.

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