Dungeon Diving Dark and Darker Mobile Trailer Teases A Mobile Gold Rush

Check out the latest Dark and Darker mobile trailer that just dropped, alongside some huge news on how this dungeon dash will unfold.

Krafton has just unloaded a sack full of detail on the mobile incarnation of Ironmace’s dungeon run turned extraction RPG. The new trailer gives us a sample of a dark fantasy world where brave adventurers delve into the unknown to grab as much gold as possible and not end up skewered by whatever goes bump in the dark. The two minutes of action also reveal a little more about how the action will unfold, when it launches later this year.

Originally brough to PC, the small screen version of Dark and Darker is under development by Bluehole. The studio that launched Tera and Elyon will still forge brave warriors as they swing swords, shoot arrows, and flee from danger, but now we know how. In among the meagre aim fending off the dungeon’s other inhabitants and fellow players, gold diggers will take on a range of different dungeons, including:

  • Player vs. player (PvP) dungeons that are all about crossing swords with competing player-controlled dungeon divers.
  • Player vs. environment (PvE) dungeons that remove the competitive elements of PvP, instead challenging players to explore, gather loot, and clear out any beastly threats they come across.
  • High-level dungeons that open up an endgame. This introduces unique rewards and a level of challenge that will test even the best-equipped adventurers.

The also know that the mobile release includes a Sidekick system, allowing players to recruit AI-controlled companions. They should provide more than just a mobile damage sponge, granting a range of buffs and abilities in dungeons that could be crucial to your survival. If you’re ready to roll a Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, or Cleric then build out your abilities to make the most gold and get out alive head over to check out the Dark and Darker Mobile teaser above, or the official website now.

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