eFootball Adds My League Game Mode For Free

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eFootball, the successor to Konami’s PES, just added a new game mode called My League.

Version 3.2.0 just arrived in eFootabll 2024, giving players a whole new way to top the footballing charts this year. The brand new add on comes free of charge and incorporates My league into the online footballing title. My League lets players pick from leagues all around the world, putting together their own Dream Team and challenging the other clubs in that division. An Ai will take the reins to play as ever opposing club, meaning players don’t have to hold out for a match to fill up. It provides the opportunity to finish up an encounter and replay as many times as a user may want as well as being able to switch leagues once a season is completed.

More Additions

The update might change the way you play this soccer sim, but there are tons of other new features too. The co-op mode has expanded to allow for users to enjoy solo or alongside their friends. This event room means friends will be able to join together to create three-person teams to enjoy co-op mode. There’s a new Skill type, called the Blitz Curler, and Konami has dropped in a bunch of new mini games. Completing these easy challenges drops valuable loot. However, if users are able to complete these mini-games for consecutive days in a month, they can earn rewards such as draws for powerful Epic players!

eFootball might not be a name you’re too familiar with, but this soccer simulator is an alternative to the likes of EA’s big sporting brand. Originally known as PES, it now includes tons of online features, exhibition matches, and players from across the globe in an authentic replica of the real thing. Check out more about these new additions on the official website now and play for free across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, PC, iOS, Android.

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