Elder Scrolls Online is now the Best Console MMO

It has no rival, no game can be its equal...
Elder Scrolls Online Screen

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Zenimax Online’s Elder Scrolls Online. In my opinion, and of course that’s just like anyone else’s, it’s quickly become the best console MMO on the market. ESO is the example all future games in the genre should be following if they want to share in the success that’s given ZOS an 8.5 million copy selling game.

Yet, it wasn’t always this way. I imagine the team in Maryland has to get tired of constantly reminding the press and players, and being reminded in turn, that the game’s come a long way in the nearly three years since launch. But the truth is – it has. A game originally considered “OK” but “not Elder Scrolls enough” is now quite easily one of the best TES games the entire series.  There’s more content than just about any RPG you can name, and its closing in on the same claim for MMORPGs and it’s only in its 3rd year.

Elder Scrolls Online Screen

A long road to stardom…

Not long ago, it also made many a TES fan’s dreams come true with the announcement of Morrowind, ZOS first Chapter (think expansion) due out on the 15th anniversary of the original Morrowind game.  Over the past couple of years, they’ve added a Justice system, the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, a huge orc-centric storyline and zone in Orsinium, removed the level and faction restrictions so that ESO is as free and open as its single player brethren, and a whole lot more. Just last week they added housing, a favorite in Skyrim’s DLCs, and a long-time loved feature for MMORPG fans.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy playing in Cyrodiil, even if I’m often on the receiving end of some massive zerg-routings by the Ebonheart Pact (Cyrodiil is the game’s open world massive PVP system taking place in the setting of TES IV: Oblivion). But I can’t deny longing for the small-scale PVP offered by Morrowind in its unique 4v4v4 battleground fights.

Elder Scrolls Online Screen

The best console MMO?

Now, I know I’m sounding a bit fangirl-ish here, but I think the general pulse of the gaming community would agree. WoW may still be “King on the PC” in terms of sheer numbers and pop culture stardom. But when it comes to sheer depth of content, breadth of features, and when weeding out the chaff on consoles, Elder Scrolls Online is in a class of its own.  ESO really is the best console MMO available. Call me crazy, but if this game keeps adding content and getting better every update, I don’t think we’ll need a new single player Elder Scrolls for a very long time. Just please, Zenimax… let me have a garden?

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  1. If it isn’t the best it’s in the top 2.

  2. It’s the best. I know people say FFXIV, but ESO is just a better overall game. Of course, IMO.

    • I agree with Bill. FF14 is great, but ESO is just better on almost all fronts ( imo). Both are worth putting in your mmo rotation.

  3. I play both and there is no comparison Final Fantasy XIV has far more content for casual and end game players.

  4. I hate to admit it and while I stand by it not being a Elder Scrolls game whatever it is sounds like a solid game that it’s players enjoy.

  5. I really don’t compare the two. I do love XIV because I’ve always been a Final Fantasy Fan so It’s my main mmo but when I do have time to play it ESO is a great MMO and I recommend it .

  6. They’re very different games that are both good in different ways, but even as a huge ESO person I have to say FFXIV is likely objectively the better game. They have more content, they put it out faster, there’s no cash shop nonsense, it has a stronger main story that’s built on regularly, it has an order of magnitude more group content with wider and more varied mechanics…

    ESO has a different flavor that will appeal to different consumers on preference alone (action combat vs tab target being an obvious example), but I can’t think of a single instance where it does something better than FFXIV. Maybe PvP, but even that’s difficult since they both do such a poor job of it.

  7. Funny thing is I wasn’t even referring to FFXIV. But, sense you brought it up it’s false to say their isn’t any cash shop shenanigans. They sell all kinds out cosmetics in their store. Its just not as in your face as ESO is.

  8. Yes, treat the PC crowd as paying beta testers by releasing it as a P2P for the first year while you work on the console version to make sure it’s polished on launch and change the payment model before release of consoles to B2P. That way the PC crowd pays for development of your console centric game. Make sure you don’t keep the promises you make to the PC crowd either.

    This is the way you make a successful MMO for consoles.

  9. Best console MMO?? Not a chance. The only thing ESO has better is its PVP. FFXIV is by far better both graphically and gameplay wise. ESO graphics are like it was made for the Xbox/PS2. PVE goes to FFXIV. The main story alone is far better, then there’s all of the other side-quests and job quests that all have their own storyline to them

  10. To me this is currently the best MMORPG on the market and with each DLC, patch and major addition(Morrowwind is next) it will only get better and better.

  11. ESO is a wonderful game, for sure. I just personally feel that the console does not do it justice in term of the beauty of Tamriel. My first foray into the game was on a PS4 and later repeated on an XBox One S before finally enjoying it on my gaming PC and the PC was the best experience I had. I played with a controller on the PC because it felt right, but I was able to crank the graphics to max and was blown away by the difference between consoles and PC. Just about every aspect of the visuals were enhanced to the point it almost felt like a completely new game.

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