Elder Scrolls Online – Endeavors System Available Now

The Elder Scrolls Online - Endeavors System Available Now

The developers of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online have taken to the official site to welcome the previously revealed Endeavors system, originally introduced back in April.

Endeavors are a new type of daily and weekly Elder Scrolls Online tasks that can reward basic items (such as gold or experience) in addition to the new Seals of Endeavor currency. In turn, this new currency will allow players to acquire any of the collectibles or items from currently available Crown Crates in the Seals section of the in-game Crown Store. For the first time, you can now earn those rare and exquisite items only found in Crown Crates via in-game activity.

You can collect and save Seals for as long as you like, and if there’s nothing that takes your fancy right now, there is no cap to how many Seals you can save for later. Like crowns or gems, Seals of Endeavor are an account-based currency and not specific to any one character.

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