Escape To The Good Life Now On PC and Console

The latest title from video game auteur Swery is out now and The Good Life is set to send us all away from the stresses of normal life to a small town getaway.

Playsim and White Owls have created something of a weekend getaway for fans of Swery. The Good Life is just the latest to come from the mind of this iconic Japanese name and it is now available across PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One for $39.99 USD or local equivalent, as well as on Game Pass. If you’ve not had your tickets booked for this new title for some time then you’ll probably want to get acquainted with this voyeuristic mystery.

Set in the small English town of Rainy Woods, this new adventure features journalist Naomi Hayward, who has just relocated from New York. The change of pace and different backdrop might be a wonderful reprieve but Naomi is drowning in debt, so take on a job as the snapper for the local newspaper. From here it’s up to players to take the protagonist on a tour of the local sights, snapping your way to the root of a local mystery that finds people turning into cats and dogs. The Good Life looks set to swerve between photographic ops, detective stories, and a good portion of four legged shenanigans. Caught up in the turmoil surrounding Rainy Woods, players will be able to play as a cat or dog. As a cat, you can jump and climb all over town to explore; while playing as a dog, you can use your acute sense of smell to track the town’s residents. Think strategically about your abilities to help solve the various mysteries and incidents you’ll face.

This odd mix isn’t entirely surprising for Hidetaka Suehiro and whether you’re out to live your best life growing vegetables in the garden, getting to know the locals, or actually doing your job, there is tons to explore outside of this town’s deep dark furry mystery. You can check out The Good Life and getaway for the weekend now on Steam, Xbox One, Game Pass, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 15, 2021.

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