ESL to Showcase Quake Champions in the E3 eSports Zone

During next week’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, ESL will be hosting Quake Champions in the eSports zone. The matches will feature some of the top players in the world. Attendees can check it out in person or via Twitch live stream.

ESL & Quake Champions

During the event, viewers will see a pair of PvP game modes including 2v2 Duel mode and 4v4 Sacrifice mode. Professional players will game against one another as well as in matches called “Pros vs Joes”. In the latter, E3 attendees can fight against professionals.

Duel mode introduces an additional layer of strategy to Quake Champions, incorporating multiple Champions with differing Abilities. To start, players will select three Champions in a snake-style draft before heading to the Arenas. In choosing their roster, players will have to consider which Champions are better suited to their unique playstyle and which are effective counters to their opponents’ choices.

Lastly, professional teams will be on hand including Team Liquid.

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