Explore new Paris locations in Wolfenstein: Youngblood update

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Machine Games and Arkane Studios Lyon have released a new update for Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The free content upgrade brings players a new end-game Treasure Hunt mission, new locations to explore in Paris, new abilities, new enemies, and new Pep Signals into the game.

Players of level 40 can try out the Treasure Hunt mission that sees them face off against Nazis that have found a second Da’at Yichud chamber. Luckily, the baddies haven’t figured out how to open the vault’s secrets leaving it up to a couple of badasses to show them how it’s done. Once this mission is complete, other Da’at Yichud Artifacts will become visible throughout the game world. “Locating a number of maps scattered about will unveil the location of an artifact, granting players a number of rewards.”

Players will be able to test out “several new abilities” against new enemies that include the Wurmlochsoldat, Turmhund, and the Electrodrohne Tesla drone.

Check out the patch notes on the Wolfenstein: Youngblood official site.


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