Feel The Chill Of Winter Warfare In Hell Let Loose Burning Snow Update

ell Let Loose, the online shooter from Team17, is about to heat things up in a new Burning Snow Update.

Winter can change the tide of war and Team17’s own multiplayer online shooter is no exception. Hell let loose is set to get a less than festive update adding in a ton of new challenges, weapons, vehicles, and a brand new map. Coming to all platforms on 6 December, the new update will give players on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X an opportunity to step into an expansive snow-covered new map of Kharkov and wield a few anticipated items.

“We’re really excited to release Burning Snow,” said Maximilian Rea, Game Director and creator of Hell Let Loose. “Players have been asking for many of these features and now that we’ve accomplished parity between the platforms, everyone will get to experience the new items simultaneously.”

This means that community requests have been headed. The mighty Molotov Cocktail comes crashing into player arsenals, alongside flamethrowers. Getting out of the snow capped terrain, grunts can also get behind the wheel and pilot a fleet of new vehicles, including the Willys jeep, Kubelwagen, and the Soviet T-70 light tank. It seems like the perfect way to crush the opposition in this hardcore World War Two shooter, where infantry play alongside  100 players and experience a dynamically shifting front line full of opportunities and resources. Think PUBG with a huge scale, tactical combat, and a dash of Battlefield.

In addition to a new arsenal, the Burning Snow update will add access to a cosmetic custom loadout feature which allows soldiers to configure two pre-sets that can be switched depending on preference and gameplay. This should make the upcoming seasonal Winter Warfare DLC and cosmetic DLC bundle of helmets an appealing proposition. For more on hell Let loose, you can check out the official website and grab some time in game during free play events. Just check Steam today and console storefronts on 8th December for free carnage.

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