Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Check Out the Latest Trailers

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on PS5 on February 29th. To prepare players for everything the game has to offer, Square Enix held a special presentation during State of Play during which the developers showed off new trailers and gameplay. Additionally, PS5 owners can check out the game for themselves thanks to the special demo, available now.

This demo lets you enjoy the Nibelheim episode that forms the opening chapter of the game’s story, as well as the Junon area episode where you can experience the world map and exploration elements of the gameplay. Players who complete this episode will be able to skip the same section in the full game.

Director Naoki Hamaguchi presented a special gameplay video that you can find below. It demonstrates many features, including the vast open world that players will be able to enjoy. The length of the video is almost 12 minutes, so grab some snacks and dive right in!

About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

After escaping from the mako powered city of Midgar, Cloud and his friends have broken the shackles of fate and set out on a journey into untracked wastelands. New adventures await in a vast and multifaceted world, sprinting across grassy plains on a Chocobo and exploring expansive environments.

This game is a remake of the original Final Fantasy VII released in 1997. It is the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy and is based on the section of the original story leading up to the Forgotten Capital, with new elements added in.

There is also the PlayStation 5 Immersion Trailer. Explore the amazing new Gold Saucer in gorgeous 4K, feel every moment across the vast world with support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and immerse yourself in the new tale with 3D Audio.

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