Fire Emblem Heroes Lets Players Play Favorites

best fire emblem heroes characters - Fire Emblem heroes adds permadeath

A new Fire Emblem Heroes promotion has started that will run through March 13th. Players will be able to take part in 3v3 battles that, if won, give them a chance to vote.

You may be wondering what they’ll be voting for. In essence, you’re voting for your favorite in game princes and princesses. Both current and long-time favorites are up for votes.

OK so how do you vote your favorite Fire Emblem Heroes character?

It’s a simple matter of taking part in 3v3 multiplayer battles and actually winning. Once that’s accomplished, you’ll get a chance to vote for your favorite guy or gal. Also during the promotion, you’ll be able to score a new Battle Flag item as well as get additional voting chances just for logging in. You can also get more chances to vote by completing special quests.

Lastly, players will be rewarded with in-game currency called Orbs all the way up to 10 if your chosen hero wins.



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