Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition Review.

Campy 80's Horror Movie At Its Finest
User Rating: 7.2
Friday the 13th Review

I was 8 when the first Friday the 13th movie aired in 1980 so Jason Voorhees ended up haunting my teenage hood for years making me wonder why anyone in America would go camping! Ice Hockey also isn’t a popular sport in my birth country so anyone associated with it had to be as big and psycho as Jason in my youthful imagination (sorry!) Jason was terrifying and I jumped at the chance to annihilate him in our Nintendo Switch Friday the 13th: The Game – Ultimate Slasher edition review!

In all his terrifying glory many attempts have been made to include Jason in the gaming world but none have quite succeeded even when Friday the 13th: The Game released in 2017. By that time Dead by Daylight (Behavior Interactive) had released via Microsoft Windows in 2016 so horror fan appetites were ready for the main course that didn’t quite satisfy. Visually that 2017 release captured Camp Crystal Lake perfectly but the experience got slaughtered with login issues at launch, then licensing problems that are still ongoing that either encouraged you to go back to Dead by Daylight or move on completely. Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if every horror fanatic did so hoping that someday we’d see this iconic horror character get the budget and genre worthy of his inclusion in games.

Now is also probably a good time to admit that I am not the most avid horror movie junkie I’m more a hide behind a pillow kind of horror movie watcher preferring gadgets and science fiction over blood-curdling screams and trying not to comment out loud that the-soon-to-be-victim is predictably running the wrong way! What I am though is very fond of nostalgia, it always reels my imagination in the most and Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher has buckets of that for everyone!

Playing The Game

Eight-Person Multiplayer and Single Player Modes – On maps spanning multiple iconic locations from the movie franchise, players will match up online as either Jason or a Camp Counselor trying to survive the night. You can also take the fight offline in matches with AI bots but will can no experience. In Nintendo online mode players level up and earn Customization Points (CP) to unlock new playable Counselor and Jason models. CPs also unlock new kills for Jason, game-changing perks that help Camp Counselors survive the night, emotes for self-expression, and various regalia fit for a funeral.

Playing As Jason

Stalk the other seven players and kill them before the time limit is up donning your favorite mask of incarnations of Jason as depicted in films two through nine. Each Jason is hand-crafted with specific strengths, weaknesses, and exclusive brutal kills.

Playing As a Counselor

Keep yourself from succumbing to fear and the deadly clutches of Mr. Voorhees.

Did This Game Finally Make The Right Switch?

That’s what you really want to know right? How is this game on Nintendo Switch?

As a handheld I found it difficult to pan my camera fast enough and react in the right direction to my advantage of flight or fight, the screen was also too dark often to see everything clearly that I need to. Connected to my television though the game is much more enjoyable using console/keyboard with a screen that doesn’t become too dark at the worst moments. Nintendo Switch Online also ran smoothly seeing me run alongside my fellow counselors without a hitch but I wasn’t able to talk to anyone.

Compared to the 2017 release of Friday the 13th The Game, this Ultimate Slasher version still looks like a survival game with very low textures and really isn’t that gory which you might expect of a horror-themed game. The only real changes since 2017 are new maps, skins, characters, and kills which is perfect really if you’re like me and enjoy taking full advantage of earning unlocks to customize your game. In this asynchronous multiplayer game, I’ve also really enjoyed playing mainly as a counselor because I have a bone to pick with Jason and need to get him back for all those years he haunted me!

A physical copy of this game was provided by PR for  Nintendo Switch 

After the roller-coaster of experience with the launch of Friday the 13th Game and ongoing lawsuits with the original writer of the script for Friday the 13th that may mean the end of any more DLC plans for this game - this pack is actually what the game should have been in 2017. Simply put this is a valuable collector's item not just for horror fans but for anyone fond of the '80s to share with future generations for years to come or just to fire up whenever you need to visit that hockey mask-wearing terror!
  • The Ultimate Slasher Pack is great value!
  • Nostalgia at it's finest!
  • Unlocks that are really worth achieving
  • Jason
  • This game is not made for a handheld Nintendo Switch
  • Low textures, look like it's made in the 80's
  • The possible end of a game that feels like it finally started properly
  • Jason
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