Space Blaze Launches A Blast From The Past

Space blaze has just launched and this retro-styled adventure from UIE is landing twin-stick action on Nintendo Switch.

Created as a nod back to twin-stick shooters of old, Space Blaze is a side-scrolling adventure that takes place in the far-flung corners of outer space. At the controls of an advanced fighter, players will follow that old school narrative of shoot everything with big guns. Over the course of seven levels, pilots on course for adventure will find waves of enemies approaching and the only thing to do is shoot. A huge arsenal of weapons is available to point at those blasted aliens but gamers will have to choose wisely. Only three weapons can be strapped in before each level begins, providing a range of ways to go about blowing up anything that moves. An additional superweapon is on cue just in case things get a bit too hectic when the all too difficult boss battles commence.

It’s clear to anybody watching the trailer that Space Blaze is inspired by 1980s twin-stick shooters of old. Even if you weren’t around to kick the arcade cabinets then you’ll probably still appreciate the enhanced graphical fidelity the Nintendo’s Switch brings to the genre and the loading times, which have been blown away with those pesky aliens. It’s not just the graphics and gameplay that have a classic feel to them in space Blaze. The soundtrack for the next seven levels of adventure are lovingly crafted by Markus Siebold, responsible for the music on the Commodore 64 games Turrican 2 and Enforcer.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what a C64 is or only know chiptune as a Spotify genre. Space Blaze looks like a great way for you, and your co-op co-pilot, to get in and blow away some retro nasties. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch for $29.99. You can check out the Nintendo eShop for more on this title.



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