Chasm Comes to Nintendo Switch

Back in July 2018, Bit Kid launched Chasm, an indie adventure that throws players into their first mission on behalf of the Guildean Kingdom. Now, you can crawl into this adventure again when it launches on Nintendo Switch.

Around 5 years ago, Chasm hit Kickstarter and launched this indie outing on PC, PlayStation 4, and PSVita earlier this year. You can check out our review here. Now, after the team dropped a teaser on Twitter, we can confirm Chasm is coming to Nintendo Switch and Pax.

Chasm explores the depths below a remote mountain town, challenging you to hack & slash your way through a whole host of pixel art enemies. Taking inspiration from games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and Mega Man, this indie outing is an unusual mix of procedural systems and dungeon crawler antics. Capable of using procedural systems to create a brand new map for each adventure, Chasm is a clear homage to past classics that sets out to be relevant to a new generation of consoles.

Before you do set out on your daily commute with Chasm, you might want to try it out at Pax. While even the bravest of us can falter when faced with convention season, we have a map to all the best spots and Chasm will be available to try on Nintendo’s mobile powerhouse at booth 6917. While we do not have a release date yet, maybe you can wrangle it out of the team at Pax.

Keep an eye out on the official website for more information soon.

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