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Technology Trends

The Banking Rates, a financial website, lists the gaming industry as one of the best earners of 2020. It goes on to indicate that people sought out games for entertainment and passing the time while at home. The industry sold both adult, child, and family games resulting in a growth spurt. Digital devices such as computers, smartphones, or Ipads become a person’s best friend. People can log into any online casino to play games, get your True Blue Casino NDB or just pass the time. ResearchAndMarkets reports indicate that “the game market, especially in gaming consoles, will rise to $67.1 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.4% into 2023, while the gaming industry will register a CAGR of 12% between 2020 and 2025.” Here are the more prominent gaming technologies that will drive the global economy to achieve these numbers.

Influence of Esports on all Gaming Trends

Esports is the most significant gaming trend to rise in 2021. The technology that took hold of the gaming market in 2020 after the suspension of actual physical sports provides gamers with a chance to compete against other individuals. Tory McBroom states that Esports is the “biggest trend that arose from the pandemic year 2020.” According to Yahoo, a 69% rise in the use of Esports gaming facilities and participation a trend that continues to 2021. What is more beguiling is that even the actual physical sports now compete with esports for views and participants/attendees.

Esports industry growth is expected to affect many aspects of the economy and technology as we know it. People should expect games and video games based on e-sporting activities. For instance, you should look into the multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA for esports integration success into games. Also, there are several other competitive esport styles incorporated into the multiplayer gaming platforms. Here is the list of them:

  • Social Gaming
  • Roguelike Gaming
  • Cloud-Based Gaming
  • Board Games and Card Games
  • Early Access Gaming

Social Gaming

Social gaming was an unexplored arena in the gaming world and technologies. People could communicate, form teams, or play games in turns without forming a social group. However, with the restrictions during the pandemic, social gaming took a turn for the better, and individuals began interacting more actively over gaming platforms. “Gamers can come together to create links via game platforms such as Twitch or Discord, generate new virtual worlds with actual equipment or businesses while playing in the same social space via Fortnite or Roblox and many more,” says the Global Trends SVP David Kleeman.

Gamers are accessing games and game platforms that offer space for socialization while playing or viewing the outcomes of a game. For instance, the social game Among Us and indie game usage levels increased by 15,471%. The usage per hour of the Roblox social platform on average increased by 101%.

Video Games

Roguelike Gaming

The gaming technology genre is only known to the best of gamers in the world. However, it is now rising as a trend in the gaming world, thus highlighting the style. Roguelike is a gaming style inspired by the fantasy tales in a role-playing home witnessed in the original game release in the 1980 “the Classic Rogue.” Adrian Covert, a tech editor, indicates that these kinds of games have been popping up in the most notable gaming platforms since 2019. “The games employ random elements that are complex and difficult to maneuver or remove, resulting in quick deaths and game over.

However, each death acts as a huge incentive to the player, increasing the need to participate in the game and willing to pass that specific level fast. Players keep trying, which is both exhilarating and addictive,” he says. One of the perfect samples of the roguelike games is Hades that topped the list in 2020. In 2021, we expect the likes of Loop Hero games to drive the gaming technology.

Cloud-Based Gaming

“Watching and playing games whenever in demand is a growing trend. The need for fast, easy, and quality access to games and gaming platforms drives the gaming technology trends in 2021. There has been growth in the design and types of game consoles present in the market today, and personal computers are providing faster and quality cloud access services,” explains Raheel Hassan, a member of the 1App streaming platforms offering cloud services.

The presence of 5G networks and the development in edge computing are spearheading the need for cloud-based gaming services.  Also, the reduction in latency or response time has dramatically impacted smartphones and other devices when using cloud-based games and platforms/services. For instance, investors are now designing or creating Netflix applications that provide games in addition to their video content you can stream live.

Microsoft’s integration efforts between xCloud and Xbox Game Pass are among the best gaming technology trends gamers should explore in 2021. You can play games that would otherwise require expensive hardware and regular updates. If you use Microsoft technology trend, you only need a subscription, and you can gain access to games such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, or DOOM.

Board Games and Card Games

Video games have been lining up in the most advanced gaming technology trends, but the board and card games are catching up. In 2021, card and board game lovers should prepare for the best of Pokémon and other customizable games. James Zahn marvels at the trophy of the Pokémon Battle Academy and indicates its success to be the ability to ensure the family can sit and learn to play the card game together as one. In the last year, the gaming industry saw a rise in classic card and board game titles such as Scrabble, Monopoly and Jenga. Another family-based card and different board games including Candy Land were converted into a reality series while Whac-A-Mole is developing a TV show. The trends from a game to a movie series or a TV show will take shape in 2021.

Early Access Gaming

Gamers are now becoming more involved in the initial game development process through early access gaming. It is a forum where game release occurs earlier than expected, and real gamers are short of playing the game. The feedback provided from the gaming experience, including plot, quality of graphics, sound, and the wow factor, aid the developers in improving or enhancing the quality of the game.


There are many gaming technology trends in 2021. However, the most significant trends include e-sports, cloud gaming, board and card games, early access gaming, roguelike, and social gaming. These provide gamers with an opportunity to explore the gaming platforms for a live stream in cloud gaming, an exciting and entertaining period with roguelike and social gaming. Each trend provides a new experience, and it enhances your knowledge and capability when playing any game. Always keep the gaming technology trends at your fingertips!

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