Get Ready For Super Animal Royale On Xbox

A savage new adventure is coming to Xbox this June as Super Animal Royale parachutes into action for a very different take on the battle royale.

Loading into Early Access on Xbox Game Preview and game Pass on 1 June, Super Furry Royale is something of a furryious new take on a gaming classic. Designed by Pixile Studios and published by Modus Games, this new take on a firmly established meta first clawed its way onto Pc, via Steam Early Access, and is now dragging Xbox players into the mix. An adorably brutal 2D multiplayer shooter, Super Animal Royale places a herd of murderous animals into an arena for some wacky, if messy fun.

Anybody hopping into the action on 1 June can play as their favourite cuddly, genetically modified animal picked from 300+ breeds. There’s no getting lost among the shrubbery with over 600 cosmetic items, and did we mention you enter the 64 player death ‘em up from the back of a Giant Eagle? Eager players can even jump in now on PC and pick up their progress when things spill over onto Xbox on 1 June. Owners of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation platforms, and Google Stadia users will have to wait until later this year, but the action will migrate when the weather changes.

If it wasn’t already obvious, Supper Animal Royale isn’t your average shooter and this Happy Tree Friends, makeover of the PUBG survival shooter has plenty of obvious charm to it. Why wouldn’t you want to run over opponents in a giant hamster ball of doom? For anybody as perplexed as I was at the idea, Modus dropped a brand new trailer full of roadkill to enjoy. Until then, you can find out more at the official website and try not to give the penguin a hand grenade at the zoo!

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