Get A Glimpse Of The World’s End Club In The New Demo

The World’s End Club is opening its doors to Nintendo Switch owners on 28 May. Before that, a new demo is available to give us a glimpse of the World’s End Club.

Available to download right now and housed over on the Nintendo eShop, the brand new demo for The World’s End Club is something of a taster ahead of launch day. Originally titled Death march Club and published by NIS in the West, The World’s End Club first hit Early Access back on the iOS Apple Arcade during September 2020. Now, the fully fleshed title gets an outing with its newly polished graphics, puzzle action and brightly colored backdrops fully finished.

The Too Kyo Games and Grounding developed adventure follows a group of elementary school students in Tokyo. The so called “Go-Getters Club” are a group of friends who find themselves in a rather unusual place after an unfortunate accident unfolds. After waking up, this rabble is trapped in a theme park under the sea. What unfolds is a bubbly side-scrolling puzzle action-adventure game set in the 1990s. As the team of friends make their way through this brightly colored landscape, these students can utilize their own unique powers to overcome obstacles and solve a variety of puzzles. While the underlying themes of this new indie adventure are pretty dark, the upbeat aesthetic still manages to make the whole thing somewhat endearing.

If you are ready to take on Tokyo in The World Ends With You, then this might be a fantastic accompaniment, and the free demo is probably the best way to make your mind up. If you only have a few minutes to decide then check out the trailer above before committing to even turning on your Switch. Alternatively, find out more about The World’s End Club over on the official website now.

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