God Eater 3 Gets a Transformative Trailer

If you’re an anime fan you’ve seen every transformation sequence going, from magical girl makeup up to super sentai suits but I bet you haven’t seen this. Bandai Namco has just unleashed the latest God Eater 3 trailer and it’s full of weapon transformations.

Unveiled during 2018, and coming to PC and PlayStation 4, God Eater 3 is the latest installment in the long-running Japanese franchise. In the current iteration, humanity is on the edge of destruction. The battle against the monstrosities that are the Aragami has faltered and the last bastions of hope have been toppled. The only thing standing between the human race and utter annihilation is the God Eaters. Child soldiers, conscripted and shackled to weapons of unimaginable power, this God Eater 3 trailer faces off against the gargantuan Aragami in a range of perilous new regions and game modes, both on and offline.

The latest trailer released by Bandai Namco previews the weapon transformations that these biological weapons undergo, showing a change from a sword to gun, and even beyond. You can check out the action as the trailer takes these transformations into the fray against several Aragami. It also covers a range of the God Eater 3 character customization, a key part in showing off your wares during the game’s online co-op challenges that we covered previously. If like me, you’ve been waiting for God Eater 3 since the heyday of the PS Vita and the second God Eater game, then you won’t have long now. Check out the full God Eater 3 trailer here and get more information on the game’s official website.

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