Happy Birthdays is out now on Nintendo Switch

Happy Birthdays

At the end of May, we were lucky enough to go hands-on with Happy Birthdays, an eccentric new simulator coming out of Japan. Now it is your turn to rule the world. Happy Birthdays is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Weeks of contemplation aside, it is still hard to describe Yasuhiro Wada’s latest creation. Initially released to PC and PlayStation 4 gamers back in May, the game had plenty of positive feedback? Now publisher NIS is shirking down the format but not the game’s ambitions. This world builder presents players with a cube of land and some pretty powerful tools. Over the next million or so years playing god allows individuals to raise and lower terrain, carve out rivers, alter climates, and encourage ecosystems that brim with life. Benevolent gods might even succeed in building a modern metropolis.

While this all sounds a little Civ, Yasuhiro Wada’s legacy still shines through. Cute critters, an adorable aesthetic, and a Pokemon-style collection system are all plucked from the iconic Harvest Moon franchise. It’s a unique mix of genres that had me both amused and entertained when we loaded it up here at Gamespace. If you are looking for something different, Happy Birthdays is now available on the US Nintendo eShop now and arrives in the EU on 8 June.

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