Hearthstone – Scholomance Academy Is Now In Session

Hearthstone Opens the Doors of Scholomance Academy

Don’t be late for your class, headmaster Kel’thuzad is not known for his leniency! Hearthstone’s latest expansion Scholomancy Academy is now available worldwide.

Players can now explore 135 all-new cards featuring 40 new Dual-Class cards, the sorcerous new Spellburst keyword, and more as they begin their pursuit of knowledge!
  • DOUBLE MAJOR WITH DUAL-CLASS CARDS – Ready your wands and wield the power of all-new Dual-Class cards! Hearthstone players can “double major” in Scholomance Academy with 40 Dual-Class cards designed around ten unique class combinations and the powerful synergies they share.
  • NEW KEYWORD: SPELLBURST – Take spell slinging to the next level! Minions with the new Spellburst keyword will trigger a one-time-only effect the next time a spell is played.
  • NEW SPELLS: STUDIES – Master the magical arts with these fantastical new spells! When played, Studies will Discover a card of a specific type then reduce the mana cost of the next card of that type.
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