Hitman 2 Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Hitman 2 Celebrates One Year Anniversary

IO Interactive’s Hitman 2 just turned one year old! To celebrate the occasion, the team is showering the players with new content and in-game events.

A ton of content drops are coming your way this month, with every week having at least two content drops and some weeks having four drops! We’re talking a total of 10 Featured Contracts, 8 Escalation Contracts, 6 Challenge Packs, 5 item unlocks, 2 suit unlocks and a Legacy Elusive Target!

  • November 7 – Legacy Escalations. The Teague Temptation in Paris requires Fall Accidents, no pacifications and no disguise changes in the latter stages. Meanwhile, The Bahadur Dexterity is about battle axes, the headmaster and stealing from a safe.
  • November 7 – Challenge Pack. The Breaking and Entering Challenge Pack will ultimately reward the ICA Titanium Crowbar, a unique visual variant of the regular crowbar that can be selected as part of your loadout.
  • November 14 – Escalation Contract. Three drops are inbound on November 14.
  • November 14 – Featured Contracts. We’re celebrating special occasions and want to invite everyone to the party – but only ten of you will get that invitation rubber stamped!
  • November 14 – Legacy Challenge Packs and two unlocks to add to your inventory round off this week.
  • November 19 – two Legacy Escalations – this time in Sapienza and Bangkok.
  • November 19 – Challenge Pack. Complete the Blake’s Endeavour Challenge Pack to unlock the Arkian Tuxedo for use in all locations.
  • November 19 – Two more Legacy Challenge Packs and two more unlocks – each for very different playing styles. Become the Plumber’s Apprentice to unlock the Claw Hammer or become a Master Sniper to become the Jaeger 7 Covert – or become the Master Plumber’s Sniper Apprentice to unlock both. It’s your call.
  • November 22 – Legacy Elusive Target. The Fixer has stumbled back into Marrakesh once more – and let’s be clear about this; he’s a contentious man.
  • November 28 – Escalation. Get in, get out, keep the change.  That’s good advice for the McCallister Ransack in Whittleton Creek. Over three stages, this Escalation will ramp up the challenge.
  • November 28 – Escalation. Briefcase theft like you’ve never experienced before.
  • November 28 – Escalation. Bartholomew Hornswoggle Escalation – and the unlockable Buccaneer suit to fulfill all of your swashbuckling needs.
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