Get Free Access To Black Desert Online Until 2020

black desert online mobile

Black Desert Mobile is almost here and players eager to get into the handheld edition of this MMORPG can get a head start by playing the full fat game.

In a celebration of Black Desert Mobile’s imminent launch, Black Desert Online and the mobile arm of this adventure are running a collaborative event. Players preparing to jump in to quest on their commute can make themselves familiar with the game by playing through on the desktop client first. Normally this means buying Black Desert Online or squeezing out some serious hardcore leveling but not now. Players who take part in the new event can grab an access code that allows them to play Black Desert online for the rest of this year.

Pearl Abyss announced that players will be able to,

“use these codes to experience Black Desert SEA for free before the mobile version launches later this year. The Permanent Access codes are limited in quantity and only valid until December 31.”

This isn’t the only event that the franchise ifs running and players will be able to grab a range of boxes, rewards, and unlocks as Gstar, Korea’s own gaming event, kicks off proper.

Black Desert Mobile was announced some time ago and brings the MMORPG to iOS and Android devices. Like the desktop and console counterpart, it mixes the same huge scale and action combat that we’ve come to expect from other versions. While we’ve not had a full introduction to the game here at Gamespace we do know it’s going to be a taxing game to run. You’ll find the full device specifications on the Black Desert Mobile website along with the option to pre-register and grab a code to test out the desktop client. Black Desert is already available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Don’t hold your breath for the Nintendo Switch. If you want a hack and slash combat MMO experience there then you could do worse than checking out Warframe. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more mobile news as it arrives.

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