Juicy Realm Is Out On Nintendo Switch

Juicy Realm, a fun packed roguelike title from SpaceCan Games, is out now on Nintendo Switch. Take on a fruity empire on Nintendo’s handheld.

Published by X.D. Network this top down dungeon crawler has already had an outing on PC and takes place in an unusual environment. Rather than throw players into a dank dungeon or a post apocalyptic wasteland, this unusual adventure takes place in a world overrun by sentient fruit. If that all seems a bit much then get ready for some Attack of the Killer Tomatoes level silliness as a range of characters run, gun, and battle their way through a whole range of maps in order to save the world they know from these vegetarian monstrosities.

Hardcore Vegan Action

Playing as one of four characters, players can explore the unfolding maze of content with a range of unique weapons and skills. As each of the characters can enhance their chances against deadly tasting sprouts with a ton of loot drops, special weapons, and items that drop among the randomized zones. Switch owners will get an extra comrade in this battle for the dinner table too. Boborot, the noisy robot is a mechanical menace to the local plant life. This chrome plated companion has the ability to slam down a shield to block shots, providing players with an option to survive behind a defensive line.

This extra diversity will provide even more options to players as they head back to base, building and upgrading a home instance that serves as a jumping off for another time limited feature. A new Boss Rush mode will appear in this base camp for players to jump into. By stepping through the Boss Rush portal, adventurers can fac a relentless wave of boss encounters until they are able to fight no more. While it is dangerous, you won’t always go alone. The Nintendo Switch edition of Juicy Realm also provides co-op play too.

Get a glimpse of the horror that awaits and the cute animated aesthetic of Juicy Realm in the Nintendo Switch launch trailer above. Juicy Realm is out now and you can squeeze some fruity action over at the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 or local equivalent



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