The Innsmouth Case Arrives for Switch Fans

Robot Pumpkin Games and Assemble Entertainment have announced that The Innsmouth Case has arrived on Nintendo Switch. It is considered a “scary comedy-text adventure game” that sends players into a Lovecraftian universe and it’s available for purchase for $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Players head off to Innsmouth, a place said to be packed with sinister forces and nameless horrors. The goal is to find a girl that has gone missing by searching for and solving a number of mysterious clues. Along the way, players will be entertained by both horror and humor as they work through the mystery where every decision counts. According to the dev team, there are multiple endings to the game where players can be successful or fail miserably.

Features include:

  • Become part of a stirring story in the Lovecraft universe, where every decision you make has a lasting effect on the story.
  • This interactive book will captivate you with its perfect blend of offbeat humor and classic horror.
  • What fate awaits you in Innsmouth is entirely in your hands; a total of 27 possible endings want to be discovered. Are you saving the day – or are your days numbered
  • Explore 21st century Innsmouth, talk to over 30 animated characters and solve the mystery of the disappearance of little Tabitha Marsh.

Check out The Innsmouth Case Nintendo eShop page to learn more.

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