Honey I Joined A Cult Coming To Brainwash PCs in 2021

Team 17 and Sole Survivor Games, at least one of which could say it has cult status, are about to blow your mind as they announce a new cult management simulator, Honey I Joined A Cult.

Coming to PCs in early 2021, Honey I Joined A Cult is a 1970s based cult management sim that challenges players to build and grow their very own cult. Taking at least a little inspiration from old school Theme Hospital, which also served as inspiration for the amazing Two Point Hospital, this brightly spiritual management sim challenges is a cartoonish twist on the classic management genre.

Groovy Man

Thrust back to a simpler time, Honey I Joined A Cult allows players to developer their fledgling cult by recruiting new followers and acolytes. They will need somewhere to practice and study the most secret of paths to enrich your glorious cult leader, also allowing players to build a groovy headquarters for their followers. All this should, hopefully, increase each cult’s influence and make the organization as successful as possible. Of course, things won’t always go smoothly. As things progress, players will face challenges from inside and outside the cult, not least the leader’s ever-growing ego and an increasingly meddling media, all of which need to be kept in check in order for the cult to flourish.

Navigate these internal issues and there will be plenty of other things to do in Honey I Joined A Cult. The upcoming title includes a range of missions, rewarding cultists with extra resources, all of which will probably be squandered on your egotistical leader. Assuming you feel up to the challenge, you can join this cult when it arrives on PC in early 2021. For now, check out the reveal trailer above, maybe go wishlist it on Steam if you’re up for enlightenment, and check out the official team 17 website for this groovy top down sim.

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