Street Power Football Shows Off Trickshot Trailer

Street Power Football is all about looking good while showing off your skills so SFL Interactive and Maximum Games have dropped a new trickshot trailer for this upcoming football extravaganza.

Set to kick off on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam around the 25 August, Street Poer Football isn’t your normal kick about. Ditching the 11 aside soccer leagues of FIFA and taking things to the urban jungle, Street Power Football focuses on freestyle soccer skills instead of just getting a goal. Featuring famous freestyle players from around the world, including Sean Garnier, Liv Cooke, Melody Donchet, and Andrew Henderson, Street Power Football mixes skill based solo play, the panna match system, some skilful 3v3 match modes, and the aforementioned trickshot game mode.

Check out the trailer above and you’ll notice that trickshot mode is less about goals and more about using the environment around you to score some wicked shots. Whether you’re hitting the back of the basketball net, bouncing the ball off a sidestreet wall, or aiming to shoot down the odd traffic cone, Trickshot mode makes use of whatever environments are available to look utterly epic against thew clock.

There’s a ton more to Street Power Football, as you’ll find out if you check out our preview from earlier this year. The mix of very different game modes, a sidestep away from the drab repetitive nature of other soccer games, a story mode, and a ton of customization are all central to this ball game by SFL Interactive, Gamajun Games, and Maximum Games. If you’re interested in checking out Street power Football and how it is ready to nutmeg more traditional soccer games, then head over to the official Street Power Football website to find out more or wishlist it on Steam before it puts one past you later this month.

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