Honkai Impact 3rd – Check Out S-rank Battlesuit Vill-V Helical Contraption Trailer

Hoyoverse has shared a trailer for the new Battlesuit Vill-V Helical Contraption that will be available with the update 5.9 Banquet of Helix coming on August 11.

Helical Contraption is an S-rank QUA battlesuit dealing Fire DMG. She can summon Loud Armaments, including Revolving Gatling: Applause and Heavy Cannon: Exclamation, which constantly shoot at enemies or bombard enemies by firing powerful shells. After the v5.9 update, Vill-V’s S-rank battlesuit Helical Contraption can be pulled in Expansion Supply.

Vill-V is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto.

But that is not all! Honkai Impact 3rd v5.9 Event Summer Survival Rhapsody Side is coming soon. The young tenants at the Golden Courtyard received a mysterious invitation that promised them an island vacation. But they eventually got entangled in a grand survival game…

The Summer Survival event gives players a moment of lightheartedness and calm before the storm.

Last but not least, Hoyoverse shared a new trailer to reveal that Honkai Impact 3rd Fanwork Contest 2022 has begun. The illustration, manga, video, music, live-action, and TikTok categories are now open. 40,000 USD up for grabs!

Check out the official site to learn the rules. The submissions can be uploaded between August 8 and September 19, the voting and review will take place between September 20 and September 28 and the results will be revealed in the time window between September 28 and October 8.

“Besides the past, I can also create the future together with you~”

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