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HotS - Plans for Future: Resistance Skins, Spring Event, New Hero & More!

The latest Resistance update to Heroes of the Storm has introduced a variety of new skins, mounts, sprays and more. Scroll down below see the Hero changes that the patch brings with it!

The previously announced collection changes are coming into effect:

All Skins and most Mounts in the collection are now available for purchase with Gems or crafting with Shards. Seasonal and Limited-Time Offers will be purchasable and craftable with Gems and Shards when available

  • NOTE: We will continue to offer Gold-only Mounts (Money Pig, Blackheart’s Doubloon, etc) and will continue to add new Gold-only mounts in the future

There will no longer be Skins, Mounts, or Bundles that can only be purchased with Gems All existing Skins and Mounts that were previously only purchasable with Gems have been added to the collection for individual purchase or Shard crafting.

In addition to the usual bug fixes and enhancements, the developers have also made some changes to Abathur, Ana, Rehgar, and Whitemane.

  • For a long time Abathur has had a unique place in Heroes, being a powerful force at high level play while having a relatively low win-rate across the board. The changes are meant to spruce up his talents while streamlining his gameplay and introducing more counter-play to the hero. In addition, Abathur’s Locusts are now more potent, but they last for a shorter duration, meaning Abathur players will be more rewarded for positioning themselves aggressively and punished when they overextend too much.
  • Ana came to the Nexus during the ‘Quest Revolution’ where we were adding them in as many places as we could. We have learned a lot since that time, so we spent some time re-designing and re-organizing Ana’s talent tree. Bringing Aim Down Sights into her base Shrike functionality gives us a design solve for the powerful yet flawed Piercing Darts quest. The rest of the talent changes and shuffles were directed at opening up some new builds while keeping all of her current beloved capabilities!
  • Rehgar can now self-cast Ancestral Healing
  • Whitemane’s High Inquisitor (W) has been nerfed: Mana return per stack reduced from 75 to 50
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