Riot Teases Caitlyn Visual Update With New Theme Song

Just in time for the release of Arcane, Riot Games released the new Caitlyn champion theme song. The footage features a variety of splash arts for the Sheriff of Piltover teasing the possible upcoming ASU.

The company shared its intention of bringing older champions up to the modern quality standard in a Champion Roadmap blog post in September. The aim of Art & Sustainability Updates (ASU’s) also includes fixing older technical issues and making it easier to create new skins for these champs in the future.

These updates won’t heavily reimagine a champion’s lore or have any changes to their gameplay. ASUs allow the team to fix certain elements of older champions that players have been offering feedback on for a while – broken necks and wrists, outdated animations, gameplay clarity improvements, outdated outfits and VO, etc.

“With ASUs, our goal is to update the most critical elements of some of our older champs, that way they’re brought up to our current art and visual standards. This means that the base champion and the oldest skins for that champion will likely undergo the most change, and more recent skins or Legendaries are less likely to be updated.”

Check out the official site of Riot Games to learn how Caitlyn’s theme was composed. Previously Caitlyn received a lot of love in Legends of Runeterra, where she was introduced as a champion in Beyond the Bandlewood expansion.

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