HSR – Check Out Aventurine Trailer ‘The Golden Touch’

The second phase is about to kick off in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.1, so what better way to welcome it than check out a new Aventurine trailer? This limited 5-star Imaginary Preservation character – and second star of the new version – arrives tomorrow.

“A conceited attitude often conceals something, even if there was nothing to hide at the start.”

Aventurine is a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts. His Cornerstone is “Aventurine of stratagems.” He possesses an air of frivolity and doesn’t shy away from taking risks. His constant smile makes it difficult for people to discern his true feelings. He won his current position by wagering against fate itself. He views life as a high-stakes, high-return investment, and he plays this particular gamble with masterful ease.

Learn more about his as a person from his character introduction. Did you like the new Aventurine trailer? Let us know in the comments below alongside with your spending plans!


Phase 2 will kick off on April 17th and last until May 5th.

  • Limited 5-stars: Aventurine (Imaginary Preservation) & Jingliu (Ice Destruction);
  • Featured 4-stars: Lynx (Quantum Abundance), Luka (Physical Nihility), Serval (Lightning Erudition).

The limited 5-stars’ respective signature Light Cones make an appearance on the weapon banners.

  • 5-star Signature Light Cones: Inherently Unjust Destiny (Preservation, new!) & I Shall Be My Own Sword (Destruction);
  • Featured 4-stars: Concert for Two (Preservation, new!), Shared Feeling (Abundance), Let the World Clamor (Erudition).
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