Incredible Mandy Comes To PlayStation 4

Incredible Mandy, the award-winning puzzle platformer from PM Studios, has finally hopped onto PlayStation 4.

Owners of PlayStation Platform consoles can now experience the wonderous waking dream world of Incredible Mandy. After originally floating onto PC back in 2018, this move onto Sony systems brings an indie favourite onto both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, via backward compatibility. Full of bright landscapes, vast mountains, canyons, forests, serene shorelines, and plenty of environmental puzzles, this platformer port is more than just adventure.

Following a tragic accident, players will take control of a brother and sister duo that seem to be trapped in a surreal world. Diving deep into the memories of these two, Incredible Mandy unfolds across a range of different backdrops, each of which will eventually uncover an untold secret and bring these two back to memories of each other. As eager adventurers explore Incredible Mandy, the titular sibling will guide her brother through a fantastical tale and a range of challenges. Having lost his hand in the aforementioned accident, the brother’s missing appendage will now summon the Excalibur of Light, symbolizing positive power. With this tool, he can tackle obstacles, unlock puzzles, defeat huge enemies, and collect forgotten memories, all within scenes and settings that incorporate a broad range of styles.

In the same way that RiME is hard to pin down or HoB is more than just a cute sprite with a sword, Incredible Mandy is a similarly amazing adventure. If you are ready to pierce through the mist of dreams and discover an unexpected truth then PM Studios has released a brand new trailer to prepare you for this endeavour. Find out more about the PlayStation release of Incredible Mandy over on the official PlayStation Store where it will cost $14.99 or local equivalent.

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