Become an Intergalactic CEO in Starship Corporation!

For all the spaceship-building game fans, get hype as developers Coronado Games, along with publisher Iceberg Interactive get ready to take Starship Corporation out of Steam Early Access!

Starship Corporation is a starship-building simulation game in which you must design and build spaceships for the hugely demanding galaxy-wide market. It is you who must decide which technologies to invest in first, where to open new shipyards and where to establish new markets. After two years Star Corporation has seen massive improvements thanks to the community feedback steering many changes including the redesign of the galaxy map. On top of this, cybernetic organisms were introduced, as were mining and military features.

Other Star Corporation features at launch will include:

  • Campaign mode with 99 different business contracts and two different endings based the player’s business relationships
  • Ship database and two new rooms
  • Improved loading/saving times
  • Steam achievements
  • Bug and performance fixes
  • 177 unlockable rooms and facilities for ship design
  • 22 unlockable fuselages
  • 24 Missions for standard operation, emergencies and hostile encounters to test your ship in Crew Management

Starship Corporation leaves Steam Early Access on May 3rd. You can find out more about the game by visiting the official site.

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