Is New Jersey Set to Become the USA’s Hotspot for Game Developers?

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The USA is one of the best countries in the world for game developers, with thousands of jobs available at some of the greatest studios. Up to now, California has been the most flourishing state for the sector by some margin, with San Francisco and Los Angeles home to a wide range of companies. But now, New Jersey could be on the rise thanks to embracing the booming gambling sector.

The online casino industry in the USA is taking off and New Jersey is firmly at the heart of the movement. Not only is it home to Atlantic City, one of the most iconic gambling cities on the planet, but it’s also attracting a wide variety of game developers that have taken up roots in the state. As revenue from the industry continues to soar, it’s exciting to think about what the next major development could be.

Gambling Revenue in New Jersey is Skyrocketing

New Jersey has witnessed an incredible 31% rise in gambling revenue over the last year, when comparing the figures from August 2021 and August 2020. This has mainly been generated by the nine major casinos based in Atlantic City, but there’s also a growing focus on the rise of internet gambling as well. New Jersey is perfectly poised to take advantage of the increased interest in online gambling in the USA, and many land-based venues are now looking into expanding their empires digitally.

Golden Nugget is leading the way in this regard, as evidenced by the fact that it’s currently number one in the list of the best New Jersey online casinos. With a reputation garnered through word of mouth, this establishment has won hearts with its range of games, customer support, and accessibility, along with its welcome bonus for new players. Sites like this are setting the standard: undoubtedly, competitors will strive to adopt a similar approach in order to ride out the current online casino traction in the state.

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Taking Inspiration From Video Game Developers

The USA is home to an abundance of successful video game developers that have managed to leverage the diverse potential of new technology to get to the top. These companies can serve as inspiration to others that want to follow the same trajectory. Cubix is a great example of a USA-based company that’s managed to make a name for itself as one of the best developers in the world. This was achieved through diversification, offering games like Dragon Zoom and Zombie Uprise, which appeal to vastly different audiences.

It’s also embraced a multiplatform model, venturing into the web, smartwatch, and virtual reality gaming. These US-based developers are so influential that online casinos, having seen the level of success in this sector, are looking to branch out in similar ways. For example, several brands offer virtual reality gaming and hundreds of slots with various themes, as a means of appealing to as many players as possible. With New Jersey at the heart of video game development across different genres of gaming, from video games to casino gaming, it is likely to attract swathes of developers looking for a good place for a career over the coming years.

Collaboration Across the Branches of Gaming

One pathway towards domination in the market could be for online casino operators to look to collaborate with well-established video game developers in the region. For instance, because Cubix has already expanded into diverse sectors of gaming, there’s a chance it could be persuaded to work on casino games as well. If a casino managed to strike up a deal like this, it could be lucrative because it would then have access to the wealth of players who already seek out the developer’s new releases whenever they drop.

The gambling industry in New Jersey has entered an exciting phase, and it could soon begin to challenge Las Vegas as the number one spot in the country. This is thanks to the rise of online gaming platforms, where the sky is the limit. This could lead the state to become a favored location for game studios, and it could attract a massive influx of developers over the coming years.

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