January Update Set to Unveil a New Adventure Island and Much More in Lost Ark

January Update Set to Unveil a New Adventure Island and Much More in Lost Ark

Amazon Games is preparing to launch the Lost Ark January update later today, bringing a host of new content to the game, including an Adventure Island for players to explore. In addition, the Brelshaza Legion Raid Inferno mode will offer brave players new challenges, and the game’s store will offer fashionistas new looks to show off to their friends.

Players who are ready for the most intense challenge in the game will want to check out the Brelshaza Legion Raid in Inferno mode. Of course, with great risk comes great reward and this raid is no different. Here’s what players can take home for their efforts.

  • Two new achievements and two new titles have been added.
  • 1 new stronghold structure and 1 toy added in the exchange shop.
  • Phantom’s Gaze, the trade material for Phantom Legion Commander Raid Chest, will be sent to Universal Storage upon clearing the Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza Inferno.
  • Captain Token, the trade material for Captain’s Reward Chest, can be obtained after clearing the ‘Path of Glory: Captain Token’ achievement.

Lai Lai Island Adventure Island

Lai Lai Island is a new adventure zone that gives players new quests to pursue with some terrific rewards for completing them.

  • Two new normal quests and one competitive quest have been added.
  • The competitive quest rewards players with the Sugary Baby Pinata, Lemony Pinata, and Golden Baby Pinata.
  • Three new structures are rewards from the competitive quest as well: Imposing Holy Beast Statue, Elegant Holy Beast Statue, and Dignified Holy Beast Statue.
  • Mokoko Seed has been added
  • Island Soul is added
  • One new achievement and one new title added

Other January update features

  • Illios Island will end with the update’s deployment
  • New log-in and Hot Time events are added
  • Freja’s Island Event continues
  • Store updates include the new Winter Neria’s Wardrobe, transformation skins, and New Year cosmetics
  • Quality of life improvements
  • Bug fixes

Check out the full update notes on the Lost Ark site.

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