Katana Zero Unsheathes Awesome Sword Action on PC and Consoles

Let’s face it, slashing through a swathe of gun-toting enemies is always more satisfying with a sword. Katana Zero is a neo-noir action platformer that is as sharp as any sword skill and it is coming to PC and Consoles this March.

Due out in March 2019, Katana Zero is a side-scrolling adventure that takes players on a fast-paced dive into the past of a lone warrior. Developed by Askiisoft and published by the ever eccentric Devolver Digital, Katana Zero takes players on an enigmatic story told through a series of cinematic sequences and some intense gameplay. Stretching out over a series of really quite stylish levels, this handcrafted experience allows players to overcome obstacles with a number of unique approaches, using an intense combat system.

With a true master of the blade under your control, Katana Zero allows players to quickly dodge, weave, and dodge incoming attacks. Deflecting incoming bullets with a sword, rewind time to backtrack and eviscerate enemies, or even slow things down to better manipulate the enemies, traps, and explosives littered around levels. Katana Zero looks like an incredible acrobatic assault and Devolver are giving dedicated samurai a chance to try out the game at Pax South soon too. If that is too much of a commute for you then the latest trailer provides all the action you need to see. You can find out more about the game over on the Katana Zero Steam page.

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